My recommended path to level 66 Smithing.


Item Skill Cap Crystal Materials Note
Pickaxe 5 Fire Maple Lumber, Bronze Ingot Level 2 Woodworking sub
Hatchet 8 Fire Maple Lumber, Bronze Ingot x2 Level 3 Woodworking sub
Bronze Scales 10 Wind Bronze Sheet
Scale Cuisses 15 Earth Bronze Scales x2, Leather Trousers, Cotton Thread Level 5 Leatherworking sub. Desynth after
Iron Ingot 20 Fire Iron Ore x4
Iron Sheet 22 Fire Iron Ingot
Iron Scales 26 Wind Iron Sheet
Iron Finger Gauntlets 31 Earth Iron Scales x2, Cotton Thread, Leather Gloves Desynth after
Targe 36 Fire Iron Sheet x2, Holly Lumber Desynth after
Iron Mittens 41 Earth Iron Sheet, Lizard Skin Desynth after
Steel Ore 45 Lightning Mythril Rod Buy Rod from NPC for 6256 gil
Hibari 46 Earth Lizard Skin, Tama-Hagane Desynth after
Darksteel Ingot 52 Fire Darksteel Ore, Iron Ore x3
Darksteel Sheet 55 Fire Darksteel Sheet
Gauntlets 57 Fire Iron Sheet x2, Leather Gloves x2 Desynth after
Darksteel Bolt Heads 62 Wind Darksteel Ingot
Nodowa 66 Earth Iron Sheet, Silk Thread Desynth After

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