My recommended path to level 100 Clothcraft.


Item Skill Cap Crystal Materials Note
Grass Thread 3 Lightning Moko Grass x2
Grass Cloth 4 Earth Grass Thread x3
Cape 8 Earth Grass Thread, Grass Cloth x2 desynth it after
Hachimaki 11 Wind Grass Cloth x2 desynth it after
Red Grass Thread 15 Lightning Red Moko Grass x2
Linen Thread 19 Lightning Flax Flower x2
Yagudo Fletchings 22 Wind Yagudo Feather x2
Heko Obi 27 Earth Cotton Cloth x2, Grass Thread desynth it after
Kaginawa x33 29 Earth Bronze Ingot, Grass Thread, Manticore Hair Requires level 15 Smithing
Soil Hachimaki 31 Wind Linen Cloth x2 desynth it after
Shinobi-Tabi 34 Earth Cotton Cloth x2, Grass Thread, Saruta Cotton
Wool Thread 35 Lightning Sheep Wool x2
Sanjaku Tengui x33 40 Earth Cotton Cloth x2, Cotton Thread x2
Hemp Gorget 43 Earth Grass Thread x8
Velvet Cloth 45 Earth Wool Thread x2, Silk Thread
Silver Thread 47 Earth Silk Thread, Silver Ingot
Silk Thread 51 Lightning Crawler Cocoon x2
Velvet Cloth 51 Earth Cotton Thread x2, Silk Thread
Insect Fletchings 52 Wind Insect Wing x2
Silk Cloth 53 Earth Silk Thread x3
Linen Doublet 58 Earth Linen Cloth x4, Linen Thread, Saruta Cotton x3
Green Ribbon 62 Wind Silk Cloth desynth it after
Hyo 65 Wind Cotton Thread, Iron Ingot, Velvet Cloth Requires Smithing level 19
Apkallu Fletchings 67 Wind Apkallu Feather x2
White Puppet Turban 70 Earth Silver Thread, Cotton Cloth, Silk Cloth
Black Chocobo Fletchings 72 Wind Black Chocobo Feather x2
Rainbow Thread 78 Lightning Spider Web x2
Cilice 85 Earth Dhalmel Hair x2, Wool Thread
Wamoura Silk 88 Lightning Wamoura Cocoon x2
Wamoura Silk Cloth 90 Earth Wamoura Silk x3
Giant Bird Fletchings 93 Wind Giant Bird Plume x2
Tarutaru Sash 95 Earth Rainbow Thread, Gold Thread, Silver Thread, Wool Thread, Manticore Hair x2 desynth it after
Foulard 98 Earth Arachne Thread, Rainbow Thread x2, Silk Thread x3
Errant Cuffs 98 Earth Gold Thread, Rainbow Cloth, Sheep Leather, Silk Cloth, Turquoise x2
Errant Cape 100 Earth Peace Cape, Rainbow Thread, Raxa Nothing else really available at 100.

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