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1-1 The Horutoto Ruins


Best of the West Recruit

Buuma's Boomers Recruit

Heavens Tower Gatehouse Recruit

North Winds Recruit

1-2 The Heart of the Matter
1-3 The Price of Peace Rank 21,000 Gil
2-1 Lost for Words
2-2 A Testing Time
2-3 The Three Kingdoms Certified Adventurer Rank 33,000 Gil
3-1 To Each His Own Right
3-2 Written in the Stars Portal Charm
3-3 A New Journey Rank 45,000 Gil
4-1 Magicite (Windurst) Rank 5Airship Pass

10,000 Gil

20,000 if you already own

a Airship Pass

5-1 The Final Seal Archmage Assassin
5-2 The Shadow Awaits Star-ordained Warrior

Shadow Banisher

Rank 620,000 Gil
6-1 Full Moon Fountain
6-2 Saintly Invitation Hero on Behalf of Windurst

Victor of the Balga Contest

Rank 740,000 Gil

Ashura Necklace

7-1 The Sixth Ministry
7-2 Awakening of the Gods Rank 860,000 Gil
8-1 Vain Fugitive Minister Bounty Hunter
8-2 The Jester Who'd Be King Rank 980,000 Gil
9-1 Doll of the Dead Guiding Star
9-2 Moon Reading Vestal Chamberlin Rank 10100,000 Gil

Windurstian Flag


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