Unlock QuestEdit Edit

Starting NPC: Erlene - Eldieme Necropolis (S) at J-8 (first map) and you will get a cutscene.

  • You will then be requested to hand in 12 sheets of Vellum.
  • Vellum can be purchased from the Auction House under Leathercraft or can be obtained in exchange for Rolanberries from the NPC Tucker located in Crawlers' Nest (S) at K-8 (first map).
  • Tucker will only accept the trade after the quest has been activated.
  • Tucker will take 3 trades of up to 4 stacks of rolanberries per trade, so you can get up to 12 sheets of Vellum from him, but no more.
  • He will accept no more rolanberries after 3 trades.
  • For example, you will only receive 3 sheets of Vellum if you trade him one stack of rolanberries 3 times.
  • After handing in the sheets to Erlene, you will get a cutscene. Then you will be asked to use one of the following SP Abilities: Astral Flow, Chainspell, Azure Lore or Manafont.
  • With one of these abilities in effect, speak to Erlene again to activate another cutscene. You will be rewarded with the key item: Grimoire and the ability to change your job to Scholar.

Note: There are 3 Indistinct Marking in that zone and all 3 move around to random location on the map

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