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1-1 Smash The Orcish Scouts
1-2 Bat Hunt
1-3 Save the Children Fodderchief Flayer Rank 2,1000g
2-1 The Rescue Drill
2-2 The Davoi Report
2-3 Journey Abroad Certified Adventurer.

Black Dragon Slayer.

Dark Dragon Slayer.

Rank 3,3000g,

Adventurer's Certificate

3-1 Infiltrate Davoi
3-2 The Crystal Spring
3-3 Appointment to Jeuno Rank 4,5000g
4-1 Magicite (San d'Oria) Have Wings Will Fly Rank 5,10,000g

Airship pass or


5-1 The Ruins of Fei'Yin Archmage Assassin
5-2 The Shadow Lord Shadow Banisher Rank 6, 20,000g
6-1 Leaute's Last Wishes
6-2 Ranperre's Final Rest Rank 7, 40,000g
7-1 Prestige of the Papsque
7-2 The Secret Weapon Rank 8, 60,000g
8-1 Coming of Age
8-2 Lightbringer Rank 9, 80,000g
9-1 Breaking Barriers
9-2 The Heir to the Light San d'Orian Royal Heir Rank 10, 100,000g

San d'Orian Flag


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