Weapon Skills [BRD] [BST] [BLM] [BLU] [COR] [DNC] [DRK] [DRG] [GEO] [MNK] [NIN] [PLD] [PUP] [RNG] [RDM] [RUN] [SAM] [SCH] [SMN] [THF] [WAR] [WHM]
[Great Axe]
[Great Katana]
[Great Sword]
Ranged Weapon Skills [BRD] [BST] [BLM] [BLU] [COR] [DNC] [DRK] [DRG] [GEO] [MNK] [NIN] [PLD] [PUP] [RNG] [RDM] [RUN] [SAM] [SCH] [SMN] [THF] [WAR] [WHM]
Defensive Skills [BRD] [BST] [BLM] [BLU] [COR] [DNC] [DRK] [DRG] [GEO] [MNK] [NIN] [PLD] [PUP] [RNG] [RDM] [RUN] [SAM] [SCH] [SMN] [THF] [WAR] [WHM]
Magic/Music Skills [BRD] [BST] [BLM] [BLU] [COR] [DNC] [DRK] [DRG] [GEO] [MNK] [NIN] [PLD] [PUP] [RNG] [RDM] [RUN] [SAM] [SCH] [SMN] [THF] [WAR] [WHM]



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