PM1-1: The Rites of LifeEdit

  • To start this mission, enter Lower Delkfutt's Tower for a cutscene after installing the Chains of Promathia expansion pack.
  • After the cutscene has finished, enter Upper Jeuno for another cutscene.
  • After the second cutscene finishes, speak to Monberaux (G-10, inside the Infirmary) for final cutscene and a Mysterious Amulet Key Item.

PM1-2:Below the ArksEdit

  • Speak to Pherimociel at the Grand Duchy's Palace (inside the Guard Post) in Ru'Lude Gardens (G-6) to trigger a cutscene and start this mission.
    • He may mention Aht Urhgan depending on your progress through that story. Speak to him again to trigger the cutscene.
  • Go talk to Harith (H-5), in the Archduke's House, out the back entrance (behind the large staircase, near Maat) of the Grand Duchy's Palace. He will very shortly mumble some text about Emptiness.
    • You should now be able to enter Promyvion - Mea, Promyvion - Dem, and Promyvion - Holla.
  • Head to any one of the three crags in either Tahrongi Canyon, Konschtat Highlands, or La Theine Plateau. Examine the Shattered Telepoint to trigger a cutscene and enter the Hall of Transference, from where you will be able to enter that crag's Promyvion zone. Now use the Large Apparatus on the left to enter, or just use the door if you have completed or entered the Promyvion zone before.

PM 1-3: The MothercrystalsEdit

'Note: There is no a longer level restriction on any Promyvion area. 'All monsters are Too Weak to a level 75 character, except for Idle Wanderers, Livid Seethers, and Woeful Weepers, which can be easily avoided.

  • To proceed to the next island in the sequence, you must find and defeat a Memory Receptacle. They appear on teleport platforms found on each island. There are several possible locations on the second and third islands. The locations of those Memory Receptacles is random. Receptacles spawn several Strays. If the Memory Receptacle is real, a Memory Stream appears upon defeat, and you have three minutes to enter this stream and proceed to the next island. If the Memory Receptacle is a decoy, nothing appears.
  • If you need to return to a previous island, search for a platform that has a live portal, but no Memory Receptacle in it. That is the portal back.
  • On the final island, there is no Memory Receptacle, but a zoneline to the Spire (battlefield entrance). It may be very difficult to avoid aggro on the fourth floor if you have no high level players to clear the path, but if you get caught and the castle-like structure is nearby, you should be able to zone easily.

Promyvion - MeaEdit

Mea's boss is the Delver (Craver type). Its TP attacks are:

  • Carousel: AoE physical damage and knockback. Absorbed by Utsusemi.
  • Promyvion Brume: AoE damage + Poison
  • Murk: AoE Slow + Gravity.
  • Impalement: Drops the target to 5% HP and reduces target's enmity, similiar to Throat Stab. Can be avoided by running out of range.
    • Don't panic when it uses this attack, because it reduces enmity to minimum, causing the Delver to move onto someone else, giving time to Cure. If solo, it is worthwhile to have medicines ready for this attack. This is its deadliest TP move.
  • Empty Thrash: Single target damage.
  • Material Fend: Evasion boost.

Beating Promyvion - Mea grants the Light of Mea.

Promyvion - DemEdit

Dem's boss is the Progenerator (Gorger type). Its TP attacks are:

  • Fission: Spawns a pet.
    • This TP move can be used at any time, but happens most beginning at 50% HP. The Progenerator is immune to Sleep and Bind, but the pets are not. This is its deadliest TP move. The additional monsters can cause problems if not dealt with and killed. The pets continue to be generated if some are killed, up to a maximum of 6 pets, and they share hate with the Progenerator.
  • Vanity Drive: Directional AoE damage. Make sure people stand behind the Progenerator for the duration of the fight.
  • Spirit Absorption: Drains 200 HP from the target, ignoring Utsusemi.
  • Promyvion Barrier: Defense Boost.
  • Stygian Flatus: AoE Paralyze. Barparalyzra at the start of the fight can be very worthwhile. This is quite a deadly move that can cause a weak party to wipe.
  • Quadratic Continuum: Single target damage.

Beating Promyvion - Dem grants the Light of Dem.

Promyvion - HollaEdit

Holla's boss is the Wreaker (Thinker type). Its TP attacks are:

  • Trinary Tap: Drains 1-3 status effects (including Food and Utsusemi) or 200 HP from the target if no positive status effects are present.
    • It is usually recommended that the tank eat no food for this NM fight. Other ideas used are to buff somewhat useless buffs like: Barsilencera, Barpoisonra, or Bard songs. Avoid using elemental barspells if you have a Black Mage nuking in your party.
  • Trinary Absorption: Drains HP from the target.
  • Shadow Spread: AoE Curse, Blind, and Sleep. Use Poison Potions to prevent sleep and Holy Water to remove Curse. This is its deadliest TP move.
  • Stygian Vapor: Short range AoE Plague.
  • Negative Whirl: AoE Ice damage plus Slow.
  • Winds of Promyvion: Removes one negative status from the NM. It's useful to enfeeble the NM, as he may often use this in place of more devastating TP attacks. Slow works well for activating this TP move.
  • Empty Cutter: Single-target physical damage.

Beating Promyvion - Holla grants the Light of Holla.

After CompletionEdit

After obtaining your third light, you appear in Lufaise Meadows after a cutscene.

PM2-1: An Invitation WestEdit

  • After completing all 3 Promyvions, you will be teleported to Lufaise Meadows and a cutscene will start.
  • After the cutscene, proceed west to the Tavnazian Safehold.
  • If you are under level ~50, be careful of aggro from mobs in Lufaise Meadows. In particular, Orcs and Gigas will aggro to sight as well as link, and Bugards will aggro to sound.
  • Once you zone into the Tavnazian Safehold, another cutscene will begin.

PM2-2: The Lost CityEdit

  • Head to the top floor of Tavnazian Safehold and pass through the Walnut Door at K-9.
  • Talk to Despachiaire at K-10 for a cutscene.
  • Head all the way down to the basement level and examine the Sewer Entrance at I-7, at the zone to Phomiuna Aqueducts.

PM2-3: Distant BeliefsEdit

Minotaur FightEdit

  • Have at least one member of your party make their way to (J-3) of the second map where the Minotaur spawns.
    • The Minotaur can be soloed around level 70, with some jobs able to do so earlier.
      • May use Mortal Ray during the fight, which inflicts a Doom effect and can be fatal at any level. Use Cursna or Holy Waters if it lands. Mortal Ray is a gaze attack, so it can be evaded by quickly turning away from the Minotaur.
    • The Minotaur will sight aggro from an extremely long distance (about triple the distance of normal sight aggro). It will not engage players at level 58+.
    • If the Minotaur ever attempts to attack a player from outside of the small area it's located in (such as when initially aggroed from a distance), a message will be displayed in the log: "The minotaur sees you and bears its blood-soaked fangs." followed by everyone in the party/alliance being Drawn In regardless of where they are in the zone, and an immediate TP attack from the Minotaur regardless of its level of TP. This action can be performed more than once.
      • Players who are in the middle of a ladder cutscene will not be Drawn In.
      • Pets and any monsters claimed to the party/alliance will also be Drawn In.
    • The Minotaur will respawn 10 minutes after being defeated.

After the BattleEdit

  • If you do not have a Thief who can pick locks, obtain a Bronze Key by defeating Fomors.
    • Drop rate can be very small
    • I had luck with Dark knights and Thief Formers
  • Make your way to the Iron Door at (G-8). Trade your Bronze Key to open it. Make sure you know where your going because the key breaks after using it and you do not want to go to the wrong location.
    • Be sure not to drop into the water at (G-8), otherwise you will have to make your way around again.
  • Check the Wooden Ladder at (E-8) for a cutscene, then climb up.
  • On the next map, take the north corridor.
    • There are two Stegotaurs in the corridor which possess True Sight. They are very difficult to evade unless you are level 59+.
  • Walk around the bookshelves to the ??? in the southwest corner of the room at (F-7). Click the ??? to open a hidden door at the south wall.
    • Make sure to click the correct ???. There is a one-way door in the east wall, which leads to a trapdoor that is the only exit.
      • If you accidentally get trapped in the east room with nobody to get you out, stand in the NW corner of the passage, and carefully glitch the camera into the wall to select the ??? that got you in the room. If you can't manage that, you will have to use the trapdoor, obtain a new Bronze Key and return to the library.
  • Behind the southern door is a passage at (F-8), where you must solve a puzzle involving the Oil Lamps found there. The Oil Lamps on either end of the hallway open their respective doors; these are to be ignored.
    • The solution varies based on the current Vana'diel day.
Firesday: Fire and Ice
Iceday: Ice and Wind
Windsday: Wind and Earth
Earthsday: Earth and Thunder
Lightningsday: Thunder and Water
Watersday: Water and Fire
Lightsday: Light and Dark
Darksday: Dark and Light
  • Check both corresponding lamps within a short period of time. Updates have made this puzzle possible for solo players.
  • After completing the puzzle, go through the door in the western wall that you have opened.
    • It can be opened from the other side by someone who has already passed through.
      • Glitching the camera through the wall to access the ??? does not work.
  • Pass through both Ornate Gates to receive the final cutscene.
  • Return to Tavnazian Safehold. Escape will bring you there.
  • Talk to Justinius on the upper level, at (J-6).

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