San d'Orian Mission 1-2
Reward - rank points
Repeatable - Yes
Required Items
Orcish Mail Scales (First time only)
Bat Fang (All Repeat runs)
Next Mission Save the Children
Previous Mission Smash The Orchish Scouts

Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk to any Gate Guard to select the mission.
  • Enter to King Ranperre's Tomb (Entrance is on the south most end of East Ronfaure around H-11)
  • Watch the cutscene by clicking the Tombstone around (I-10).
  • Kill Ding Bats (they spawn at night) around the grave area until you receive a Orchish Mail Scales.
  • Trade the Orchish Mail Scales/Bat Fang to a Gate Guard to finish the mission.


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