My recommended path to level 60 Bonecraft.


Item Skill Cap Crystal Materials Note
Bone Hairpin 4 Wind Bone Chip desynth it after
Bone Arrowheads 9 Wind Bone Chip x2
Gelatin 16 Fire Bone Chip x4, Distilled Water
Carapace Powder 21 Wind Beetle Shell x2
Beetle Ring 25 Wind Beetle Jaw desynth it after
Horn Hairpin 29 Wind Ram Horn desynth it after
Beetle Arrowheads x33 33 Wind Beetle Jaw, Bone Chip
Bone Cudgel 39 Wind Bone Chip x6, Giant Femur, Grass Cloth desynth it after
Horn Arrowheads x6 43 Bone Chip, Ram Horn
Horn 47 Beetle Jaw, Ram Horn desynth it after
Scorpion Arrowheads x6 53 Bone Chip, Scorpion Claw
Scorpion Ring 59 Scorpion Shell desynth it after
Demon Arrowheads x6 63 Demon Horn, Bone Chip

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