List of Working AssaultsEdit

NOTE: On Shinra we have decided to effectively only give the 5 point for the first successful run. What this means is that for a promotion a player can't just spam one assault 20 times and get promoted, they have to successfully complete each of the assaults in the previous medal to achieve a promotion to the next medal.

Leujoaom Sanctum

PSC - Leujoaom Cleansing

Lebros Cavern Edit

PSC - Excavation Duty

Mamool Ja Training Grounds Edit

PSC - Imperial Agent Rescue

Periqia Edit

PSC - Seagull Grounded

Ilrusi Atol Edit

PSC - Golden Salvage

Nyzul Isle Edit

Nyzul Isle Investigations - Floors 1-20 available (more floors are available)

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