My recommended path to level 60 Alchemy.


Item Skill Cap Crystal Materials Note
Beeswax 5 Fire Beehive Chip x3, Distilled Water
Animal Glue 7 Fire Rabbit Hide, Bone Chip x2, Distilled Water
Cornstarch 9 Lightning Millioncorn x2
Poison Dust 14 Fire Gigas Socks
Mercury 16 Lightning Cobalt Jelly fish x4
Poison Potion 18 Water Poison Dust, Mercury
Glass Fiber 21 Lightning Goblin Mask
Silent Oil 24 Water Beeswax x2, Slime Oil
Glass Fiber 29 Lightning Moblin Mask
Bast Parchment 29 Lightning Elm Log, Moko Grass, Distilled Water Requires Woodworking level 45
Artificial Lens 34 Fire Glass Fiber x2
Potion 40 Water Lizard Tail, Sage, Distilled Water
Worm Lure 46 Fire Brass Ingot, Glass Fiber, Little Worm
Holy Water 51 Light Distilled Water
Hi-Potion 60 Water Malboro Vine, Sage x2, Distilled Water

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